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untuition course

Would you LOVE to enhance your Intuition by tapping into it more?


This is an incredible time to join me for 5 weeks

to explore your intuition and align with yourself.


Gain Clarity with your Intuition!

5 Weeks of Expanding your Intuition!!


Join me for this amazing experience as we dive in and explore your inner abilities. We will work on strengthening

your strongest connections and also discovering strengths you never knew you had.


Each week I will focus on building your awareness. Learn my strategies that have help me to connect with

my inner guidance. Releasing doubt when making choices and decisions for yourself. Opening up

an awareness that will help you in all areas of your life.


Here is what you can expect to walk away with after completing my insightful workshop.


The Benefits of Empowering your Intuition

• Strengthening your inner knowing to make the best decisions •

• Making the right decision the first time around •

• Feeling empowerment within yourself •

• Listening to what your soul needs and wants •

• Feeling more connected with yourself •


Who needs this course?

• Those of you who are always asking others for guidance and direction •

• If you are always second guessing yourself •

• If it’s hard to make your own choices and decisions •

• Experiencing a spiritual awakening or experience •

• Ready to connect with yourself •


"When you are able to connect with your will give you empowerment within yourself."

It will help you get answers that you have been struggling with that have been within yourself all along.


I will give you tools that will help you exercise the muscle and strengthen your abilities.


Break down of the 5-week course:

Mastering your intuition: What is intuition?

Aura, chakras, clearing chakras and aura, telepathy, meet your guides

Clairvoyance: clearly seeing

Clairaudience: clearly hearing

Clairsentience: clearly feeling

Claircognizance: clearly knowing

Clairgustance: clearly tasting

Clairalience: clearly smelling


Check out this Preview Video about the 5-Week Intuition Online Course:

Below are the payment options:

Pay in full for just the course $444.00

Pay in full for the course and 2 weeks of Voxer support to ask questions and guidance while during the course.


Payment plan available in installments for both options

Toss the DRAMA to the LLama 


Are you tired of the drama in your life or around you? Have you tried to break away from your extended family but still feel like you get sucked back into it like a vacuum? Have you started to realize your tired of the self  sabotage of the drama you are calling in?

Let me help you dive into this for 4 weeks, this is what  we will work on together:

Week one: Identifying where it started inside of you, at what age did it start at, and connect to those parts and pieces of you. 

Week two: Breaking the ancestral attachment of these patterns and behaviors from your energy. Looking at past life experiences and also current ones. 

Week three: I will teach you new tools and mindset work to create new patterns and beliefs. We will begin to reconstruct new habits to replace the old ones.

Week four: I will teach you how to see and identify when you falling back into these patterns and behaviors. 

What will happen if you stay in this energy and vibration? You will continue to create chaos around you and inside of you. You will continue to search for people to entertain these behaviors with you, eventually it will become worse with your relationships and friendships if you choose not to shift this energy. 

   Benefits of overcoming these behaviors:


 Overcome self sabotage, drama, chaos that is living inside you through energy, limiting beliefs, patterns and family dynamics. 

Have healthy relationships with friends, family, and partnerships 

Create positive all around you starting with how you feel within

You will have the ability to identify people who have these behaviors through your intuition and make better choices of relationships

You will walk away with having the abilities and tools to help you continue to raise your vibration and energy to attract what your truly desire

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