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The Mastery of Yourself 

A community for people who are ready to change their lives.

Women and men who want to be more assertive and confident!

Come together with other women and men to support and raise your vibrations together.

Activate your inner self...awareness and...intuition. Start living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


"How would your life be different if you had the tools?"

You will have an intuitive coach guiding you and giving you tools to help shift your intuition and learn to listen to it.

You have a spiritual community of other woman and men that are supporting you as you expand and grow with each other.

You can learn what it is like to take care of yourself and open up to the attraction of receiving.


In this moment…

You feel overwhelmed with life, because you do not know, where to start with yourself.

There is another way and...I want to share it to you.


It’s so easy to forget about yourself when you are always helping other people. I know how it feels

because, I was that person. Once you make the decision and begin the transformation

(working on the deep rooted blocks that are holding you back) will feel amazing.


You will begin to honor, trust and love yourself. You will have a bigger awareness of your goals. You can begin to

manifest the life you have always wanted and opening up your intuition. You will realize, that by opening

up your intuition and will start to shift your beliefs. You feel disconnected, because you do not have

the tools you need. You want to be a confident and empowered woman or man, but right now you can not find the light,

because it feels so dark. You can start to find your light, by using the tools and information that I will provide to you.


"You want to know...what you need to know."


The reality is the time to put yourself first and begin to live your own life. You want to feel what freedom,

wealth, abundance, and a loving life feels like. You have given so much to other people. You should be able to

have the same in your life, without feeling guilty or have to suffer to have it.


I have felt this, at one point in my life. It began to affect my body and my mind was taking over me. I knew I needed

to make changes, because I was overweight and I did not feel good about myself. I knew I needed to reach out

and find the support that I needed in order to get to a better place.


"My soul was guiding me to create this sacred place for you to come and open up and get the tools

you need in order to feel better about yourself."


It is my goal and motivation to help give you these tools and open up your intuition. My mission is to help you get out

of the dark place you have been living in for so long and find that light that you hold within your hearts center.

I will give you support and guidance throughout the way and help you feel more confident within yourself.

I want to give you the lifestyle that you have only imagined, but have never felt you had.


In the Spiritual Community

You will wake up that inner roar you have, in order to help you speak up and communicated more effectively.

You will learn to overcome the doubts and fears that have stopped you in the past.

You will breakthrough and shift into the person you want to be.


Inside the mentorship program you will get one or more of the following



Energy healings and Inner child healing

Teachings and Spiritual tools

Candle work

Akashic Records

Guided Meditations



Who am I?

I am a medium and intuitive coach with many spiritual abilities that help me to identify what you are going through.

When I help someone, I can see through on a soul level and I can see the blocks you are facing. I have taken

many courses that have helped me and I give those tools to my clients. They have not only

helped me make major life changes in my life, but also my clients who I have worked with.



Special Membership Perks

25% ALL of the services


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