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A reading consists of me using my ability to tap into your energy and the energy around you to bring you information that is available to help you in moving forward on your journey.


An intuitive reading or card reading, I tap into your energy and connect with your soul to bring you guidance. A mediumship reading is connecting with your loved ones and bringing the messages from them. An Akashic records reading brings information from the master and teachers from your Akasha which contains past, present, and future information. 


Clairvoyant readings employ supernatural abilities to perceive events in the past, present or future. I will connect with your energy, to identify certain areas in your l...
Intuitive Reading
1 hr
Akashic Records is the book of life. It is a blue print of the individual. They are files that contain any thought, idea, or feeling you have ever experienced in any lif...
Akashic Reading
1 hr
I connect with loved ones who would like to come through and talk to you. This reading including interacting with your spirit guides, your guides, or your archangels. I r...
Medium Reading
1 hr

(package dealS)

Coaching work consists of me helping you identify your challenges you are currently experiencing and help you move through them with spiritual work. In a coaching session I would use healing work and give you tools to help you move through emotions that you come upon.


Together we will come up with a plan on what you are looking for and how we can together move you towards your goals. In order to see transformation we have to do the work and together in coaching packages that is what we create together is the transformation that you need so these packages are individual based designed for each person. 

A house clearing is a layer based cleansing of your home. I clear the home on a energetic level not so much on a physical level. Energy can become stagnant and dull in a home. I help move the energy along with several practices such as sound, palo santo, sacred water and moving spirits in the home into their light. 

A Shamanic session consists of clearing any energy out that is in your auric field and physical body that is no longer serving it's purpose. I clear all of your chakras and bring them back to balance. Shamanic work also entails soul retrievals which restores parts of you that may have been lost and I bring these parts back so you can move forward. Experience the practice of shamanic journey, connecting you to your inner child parts and your energy field. Allowing you into an altered state to allow you to connect with your own guides and internal self. Journeying you to the unseen realms and other dimensional worlds for wisdom and healing necessary to shift your vibration and energy field. This is done by guiding you in nurturing ways to access this information in a sacred space.

Yoni steams are, an alternative treatment for reproductive health and womb healing. It involves sitting –– unclothed from the waist down –– over a bowl inside of a box with hot, herb-infused water. And it’s designed to cleanse the womb. 
Benefits include: Detoxify the womb, regulate monthly bleeding, relieve stress, increase fertility, ease menopause symptoms, decrease fatigue, boost energy, treat hemorrhoids, promote healing after childbirth 
reduces headaches, and detaches old energy stuck in the womb space. 

A PACKAGE DEAL: I serve as a life coach, helping my clients in the areas of relationships, lifestyle transitions, and help them realize the goals and outcomes they want...
Life Coaching with healing packages
15 min
Free consult
There are many reasons why people experience unwanted activity around their home. A clearing is the act of making a living space more livable by removing and clearing the...
House Clearing
2 hr
Prices Vary $300+
Messages will be relayed in a group setting. I will spend time with each person providing them with messages from loved ones who would like to come through and communicat...
Shamanic Healing
1 hr
Yoni steams are, an alternative treatment for reproductive health and womb healing. It involves sitting –– unclothed from the waist down –– over a bowl inside of a box wi...
Yoni Steam
1 hr
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