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Wow it's been a minute!!

Where do I even start? So much has happened since I last made a blog! There is so much to talk about so let's just start with this Blue moon we are in right now. This moon is a powerful one with all of these emotions running through us. I have been experiencing sadness, anger, frustration, feeling alone, to wanting to punch something, and the list goes on of the emotions this moon is bringing out to be released. So some have mentioned that they are not angry people but anger is coming up for them. So let start there shall we? So anger is a good thing to understand and work through. When you think about grief this is one of the stages we go through. We become very angry at the world and some of us boggle the anger up until we are ready to deal with it. Anger is usually stored in our liver and kidneys. When you do a detox anger usually is one of the emotions that start to surface because you are shaking things up in the liver and kidneys to be released. So emotions get imbedded inside our major organs or our body, eventually we have to release them some way or somehow. If we do not choose to then this is where the disease and discomforts come, because the body will began to react on the emotions that are not being dealt with. I have dealt with grief in many ways a passing of a loved one, letting go of the relationship with my parents and my sister, to my own self letting go of who I thought I was growing up. So grief is not only death but comes in many ways and so do the stages of it. So when these full moons come around it's all about releasing what is no longer serving us and shall I say these last few have been really intense to say the least. They have been really helping us from shedding past life stuff, present life stuff, and things we just haven't been willing to deal with. More and more is starting to show up for us as 2020 is ending in the next two months left of the year. It is time to fully step into our healing so that we can help others who are going to begin, started, or are finally ready to deal with it head on. So many people are waking up right now to see truths of family, friends, work, and all aspects of life. Many parts are themselves are needing to be released but many do not have the tools to get through these things they have been suppressing for their whole life. Thankfully i started this process over five years ago and I have many tools in my box to help me identify more easier and now be able to help my clients with what they are experiencing and going through right now because I had to really dive into my healing the last two years. I really got to discover myself through going through a big awakening on a whole new level the past two years. I had to put a lot of of things I was doing on hold because I needed to heal myself and get in a better state of mind, emotions, and feelings within myself. I feel so much more confident and trusting when it comes to helping others now because I am able to detach from their stories. In the past I would get so absorbed into the stories of other people and want to rescue them out of their pain. I needed to go through and realize it was me that I needed to help and rescue first out of my own pain. It was difficult and took a lot of time for me to go through that pain but, today I can say that I am a better and new person because of it. Through my own pain I was able to have sympathy and love myself for everything that I have been through in my life. I learned how to see myself differently and finally love the person within before all of the other things that really did not even matter. Embracing the pain and comforting myself through it really helped me see a lot of things differently now. Moving forward has been quite an adventure because I am still understanding my new integration. It's kind of going into a total makeover process looking in the mirror at yourself and asking now what? What do I do from her now that I have shed all of this? How do I start moving my journey forward without all the baggage and no more rescuing other people? You learn how to just be with yourself and you learn how to integrate new things that maybe you have never done for yourself. You begin to live a life of discovery like when you are a child. You begin to adventure and explore to see what the world you were missing has to offer you. It's like popping the bubble you were living in and your naked in a world to explore all that exist around you in a different way. Being vulnerable with yourself is not easy but definitely a process to learn that is fun, adventurous, and exciting once you allow yourself to get to that place! Please choose to come on this adventure into the unknown! I invite you to join me and allow yourself to discover who you truly are and want to become. Love you all and I felt so good writing this for you!!! Time to blog and write again talk to you soon my loves. :)

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