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So many things are changing in my life... before change would have been resisted, but I am in a place in my life where change is welcomed. I feared change in the past because it brought about a lot of pain, but I had to work on the issue that was surrounded with changing things in my life. When I say changing I really mean it. It started in December when I let go of many things that were holding me back. I started to analyze everything around me and letting go of what was no longer serving my highest good.

Soon, I will be moving. We decided will buy a new home for our family. I am so excited because I know that these changes are what I have been wanting for so long, ever since I moved to California in 2015. I did not know what Spirit had in store for me when I moved. The more I connect and come closer to surrendering to Spirit... the more I can shift and change easily.

The part of us that cannot accept change is affected, because there is something from our past that has had unpleasant experience with change. To change that experience you first have to identify what that experience was, so that it can be healed in order to move forward. When you gain a relationship with your high self and your Spirit guide, you allow yourself to be unattached to material things and physical things around you. Once you can do this... you can allow yourself to feel free and move in a forward direction, because those things do not identify you. The material things will not bring the happiness, instead it is the emotion that those things bring.

I have learned to find the emotional connection to the experiences and changes, because that is what I want to feel (not so much having the possession of the material things). I visualize in my head, how I want this new home to make me feel such as warming, happiness not just myself, but my family as well. The excitement to say this is my home and have our own place to bring my family/ friends... to have great times together. It is not about the size of the home, nor is it about the material, but the emotional feeling of spending time together in unity and peace. I want a space where I can have my medium circles in my home and have workshops, so that I can gather people together and make a difference in their life.

When we want to manifest something into reality, we must put reasoning behind why we want it. Not just because we want it, but the emotion of what that thing will bring to us daily. I have been imagining and creating the image of my family’s faces when we decide on a home and I have been keeping that image in my mind as they walk through the doors of this new home. I imagine them running to their own rooms and them creating their own space of how they want it to be.

These are things that I wished I could do when I was a child, so I want to do this for my children. This allows me to heal my inner child, as I do this. We can create a new memory of what we always wanted, by changing the story with our children. It helps me to embrace my little girl inside of me and recreate her story, as I watch and do it with my kids. Often, we think that we cannot live that moment of our childhood again, but let me tell you… you can, because you imagine it and recreate it into reality. If you stay in the mentality of victimhood and choose not to make a change... that is a choice you are making, but let me tell you it’s not a very healthy place to be.

I have gone through a lot of traumatic experiences in my life and soon you will be able to read them in my book I am writing. Those issues and problems... I did not allow them to be an excuse anymore, but rather an inspiration of making these changes in my life. Therefore, I share my stories with you all so that you can see it is never too late to ask for help from others and from Spirit. The answers and the help show up when you are ready to embrace them and step into a new direction for yourself. I do not think my life is perfect now, but I do not think there is perfection in life... solely we learn from experiences and choices to better ourselves each day.

Society makes us believe that there is a perfect way of living, but let me tell you that is just an illusion. You make life what you want it to be. If you want happiness, you wake up and decide that it will be full of happiness. Our mind is what we create and if you are living in negativity all the time... well that is what the Universe will bring more of, into your space. If you strive to become the best version of yourself each day, that is what life will bring to you… experiences that allow you to become a better person. We create our realities and our experiences, based on what our mind is attracting to us. If you are living in victim state… well most likely you will attract individuals that match your mentality. When we are trying to change into something healthier than what you are currently living, you must surround yourself with that energy, so that you can identify your patterns that may not be so positive. It will allow you to see the things that are not positive, by having conversations that you may not have in your own mindset. As you change and grow, so will the types of conversations you have with people. They will be more about growth and development, versus gossip and criticizing.

You can choose to decide to start the healing process today. Let’s work together, so I can give you the tools and the guidance that have helped me change my life. I have many opportunities for you to start… whether it is small or whether it will be a long-term commitment to yourself. You just have to decide that you are ready to make that change in your life and make that commitment to your healing and growth. I want to show you and teach you how to have a blissful way of living!

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