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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Here are the messages I received from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel:


The world is changing, expanding, new creation is being made as we speak. The cycles are moving toward a better tomorrow don’t be afraid. The mountains are roaring for you to wake up and see the new brightness around you. Follow my light into the forest and you will find what you have been looking for. You see you have given your sword away for too long now it’s time to get a new one that is bold, colorful, and sharp just like mine. You are like a flower trying to feed yourself from the ground and your petals are about to blossom into the light of dawn. Running with me and I will show you how to cut the obstacles that you have been making excuses they will melt away with your sword. It will be all zapped away from you and melt into the ground you stand on.


My dear my dear, please listen to me I have been calling your name but you haven’t been listening. My voice is quiet and soft I teach you how to be gentle and nurturing with yourself. You have that yet to learn how to be gentle and love yourself. Your love is internal not external, you need to listen to your heart beat and remind yourself of your creation and what you are set out to be. Through the silence you will hear me and see me don’t be afraid anymore allow yourself to expand and create. Your creation is waiting we are hear waiting to co-create with you but you need to listen and be still.


So much wow, healing is the root of the pain you see, if you see, you truly see inside of you. Don’t make excuses for your behaviors change them by giving yourself the time. See my emerald light within yourself and expand your love deeply within. You are here to be a healer but first you must heal yourself from your pain. You are capable and will achieve this allow me to show you how to take the first steps. Find your hurting child inside of you and love him or her dearly, him/her will not be the one to fail only those you have allowed to. They are all lessons and experiences that you will overcome but please be still. Let me show you how to be still by shining my light into your heart it will take your breath away.

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