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New Goals and Visions

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

How did your year start off? I have been doing a lot of transitions the past few months before the New Year to begin my year off in a positive direction. I have been getting so much clarity because I spent a lot of time working on myself. I have done a lot of healing work and it has paid off because things have been aligning for me. I am so grateful for spending time reflecting and healing wounds that have been affecting me for a very long time. I will say that 2018 was a year about healing and the past coming up to be healed and released. I did so much growth and soul searching last year, now it gives me a clear direction for my business. When they say that things reflect how you feel inside I totally can understand and see that now. When you do not see and understand what is going on inside of you emotionally the movement forward can be very slow. The past few months I was able to manifest many things because I healed my lack mentality that was holding me back from receiving my desires. I worked very hard to understand myself, more and more. It has taken a lot of dedication and understanding but, it took a lot of courage to be truthful to myself. When you are healing from past wounds the more open you are with your feelings and emotions the faster you can move through the pain. I am still working through things but, to be honest they seem so much easier to get through now with a positive mind set and the tools I learned to get through things in the past year. I learned how to hold my pain and look at it differently, in a productive way. I allow the emotions to be present and allow myself to hold them as if it were a baby. Often times we suppress and push the feelings away not knowing we are just suppressing them for a later time. The more you allow yourself to feel the more you allow yourself to heal the pains and lessons in life. As a child I was not taught to deal with my emotions, nor did my emotions get heard from those around me. So I had to learn its okay to say how you feel and accept the feelings in order to understand them. This was a very foreign feeling to say to my children or husband, I am mad, sad, angry it felt weird and awkward at first but, I had to do it for myself. I had to learn how to give myself permission to walk away when I can not handle something and I need a moment to think about it first. I use to suppress my feelings and allow them to gather up before I would explode. I was not able to express these things as a child because that is not how I was raised. I had to learn these things and I am still learning how to do things differently that are more effective for me now. These patterns do not change over night it takes time and allowing yourself to move through it with out beating yourself up about it takes a lot of self love. Yes it feels weird and awkward at the beginning but it becomes a new habit and choice. I can now help teach my children how to express themselves and listen to them when they are expressing their emotions. These are some of the things I learned in 2018 that I am so grateful for learning because, it has allowed me to be non react to many situations. We do not always have to react in situations we can allow ourselves to think things through and then react.

Thank you all for your continue support in my work and in your own. Remember to always put yourself first before anyone else. When you do this all the answers are able to come to you and you are able to grow within yourself.

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