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Clairsentience | Sensing

Clairsentience is when you can feel someone else’s feeling such as if they are mad, sad, angry, happy, frustrated or overwhelmed. You can feel them in your body or in your heart the emotions of other people or animals around you. There may be times where there is no one there physically but in spirit and you’re picking up on them. Everything around us is made up of energy, our bodies, our home, our cars, and animals. Sometimes we get a feeling or sensations in our body that we just cannot explain to others how it feels we just know it feels weird or different. You are a feeler and sensing all the energy from a human or animal. Clairsentience is often called an empath as well.

As an empath or clairsentience individual you have the ability to feel and sense energy all around you. It will show up as thoughts, emotion, feelings, or a person’s intention that are living. You also have a connection with those who may not live as well in the spirit world. When we are connected in the spiritual world and can sense them around sometimes them it often produces a feeling on anxiety for us. In shopping markets or malls, we can pick up on other people’s energy and it can be overwhelming. You being to feel anxious or feeling like an anxiety attack it about to come on. It is because there are too many people in one area and the energy because intense for you to handle all at once.

Sometimes in children the spiritual ability of clairsentience is often misdiagnosed for ADHD, ADD or overly sensitive because it is their spiritual ability of clairsentience that is in full force. Some children that are born in this era are so open and already have a sense of their abilities but parents are not educated on the spiritual side of things. It is helping and giving these tools to the parent and children so that they child can help themselves and there is no need for medication. It is helpful to have these tools and learn what to do in order to help your child protect and shield themselves from other people energies.

You can start a log and pay attention to how your mood changes depending on the location and place where you are at. It will help you to identify more of what energy you are picking up around you. Pay attention to the emotional and physical feelings of change in your body or in your mood.

What is an empath?

An empath is when you can feel and sense other people’s energy. If you do not shield yourself daily then you allow people to take your energy from you. It is like sharing your personal space with people freely and openly. To help you as an empath you can shield by placing a bubble of purple light around you from your feet all the way up to your head and then six inches out to cover your aura. You can also use the violet flame, image a flame of purple light coming up from your feet all the way to your head, then also six inches from the body. It is important to take salt baths when you are an empath because salt bath help you to detox from energy even if you are protecting yourself. You can use Epsom salt or sea salt in your bath to help the detoxification.

What is your aura?

Your aura is the bubble of protection around your body that extends about six feet out from your actual body. It is hard to see an aura you have to concentrate on a specific area on the person to focus in on their aura. The color of the aura is not very visible it can be light colors around the body.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to know or understand something immediately with the need of think about it with your conscious mind. It is an ability to tap into a knowledge or understanding without knowing where it is coming from. It’s an inner sensation that you get or a gut feeling. You have the ability to sense and know something is not right or something bad is going to happen. Some people we a weird sensation or feeling for others it maybe a heaviness they get in their stomachs. Often times our intuition will get validated by an act or finding out something that either occurred just right after we get the sensation. Sometimes we do not listen to our intuition and we miss or lose opportunities in our lives that are part of our path or journey because we are scared of listening to it. We can use our intuition in making decisions for ourselves. An exercise that can be done to help you in making choices is if you have two options or two opportunities present themselves. You can ask,” Is this the right opportunity for me?” and listen to your body do you get a heavy feeling in your gut? Or do you get a lighter feeling? Then you ask about the second opportunity and then from the two options you go with the one that feels lighter even if it does not seem like it is the right choice. Your intuition and gut feelings do not lie you just have to learn how to listen to them better in order to feel confident with using them.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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