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Empowering Yourself in Your Life

Let’s talk about what power means based on Google, this is what I found. It is “the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.” How many times do we think that we cannot do something? It probably happens every day, if not a lot of times a week.

I have been reflecting on what this is in my life after I had a palm reading with Maureen McCall, this past week. She explained to me my life purpose and my life lessons. My life purpose is to be a healer, but while I am healing my own self. How many people call themselves healers, but they are not doing their own healing work? I know a lot of people like this and it is very sad because in order to be a true healer you need to do your own healing work.

Sometimes we think that just because we have been through a situation and got the help we needed that our work is done, but I can tell you that we are never done with healing work. We go through many things in life and they help us grow when we are willing to see it that way. Some people they get stuck in the victim mentality and choose to stay there because they are too scared to do the healing work in order to get to the next step of their life.

As we go along in life, it brings up obstacles that we have experienced before, but each time we can choose to see them in a different way and that will decide how much you are willing to feel empowered in your life.

When you find your power and stand in it…I can tell you it will feel amazing! I started to look at times in my life when I gave my power to someone else and I was sad, anger, disappointed, frustrated, irritated with myself because I finally realized what I did. I had so many ideas and inspirations to give to other people, but I have been so afraid to step into my life path completely, so I have been letting others take ownership and credit for the ideas I have come up with but… guess what?... I have learned that I will no long do that because I am POWERFUL and I can own it now.

During this reading, I received so much information that helped me and I felt amazing walking out of there. Maureen gave me permission to be whom I want to be. I needed someone else to give me permission to be that, but all along I had IT and I was just afraid of being It. I have the markings of a genius, which means that things come to me naturally and easily. I just have to learn how to trust myself and tap into them more to help me along the way.

Many times I would go along and keep holding back on something that is bothering but not anymore. I have to use my strength and power to face it. When I decided to face the situation…I felt so much better because I expressed how I felt about it. I was able to take my power back by expressing how I felt about it. Now if I wouldn’t have spoken up, I would stay in a powerless state of mind.

We need to stand up and face things in a positive manner. Society has conditioned us to believe that we cannot work things out effectively and we have to stay in a less of power state especially for women.

I invite you to reflect on your life and the areas where you are giving your power away to other people. I want you to look at how that makes you feel and how can you change it. You can choose to have a conversation with the individual and tell them how you felt about the situation and explain that you felt like it was unfair to you.

When you allow yourself to express things that you are uncomfortable with, you step in a direction that will be much healthier and joyful to you. It takes courage to stand up and take your power back again.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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