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Let's begin with...what is gratitude? Let’s identify what the word means. Google defines the word as... “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful” which is also a state of joy and happiness. When we can get into this state of gratification, we can start to open up doors for all possibilities to come our way. I started to read “Thank and Grow Rich” written by Pam Grout. It is an amazing book...if you haven’t read it I recommend you to do so. This book gives you a different aspect on how to view gratitude and how to use it in your life every day.

Each morning I wake up and thank God for another day and I set my intention of how I want my day to go. It is a practice that you can start to focus on, to bring more things into your life and also see the little things that you take for granted, every day. The Universe wants us to be grateful for what we already have, in order for more to come into our lives. If you cannot see the things in front of you that formulate your life now, how will you...if you have everything you want?

The mind is very powerful in this way, because we can have all that we want and need, but still be unhappy. The reason for this is, because we do not do the mindset work that is required to enjoy and accept it. It will be easy for you to manifest and create it, (but if your mind has been trained to feel you do not deserve it), then you will find some way to release it and let it all go... in the same manner it came to you.

Learning how to create a gratitude practice will help you to start feeling as though you are deserving and you’re worth having all the things you want. There are times we get all that we want and we sit back and sabotage it, because it was too easy. Your mind is telling you that..."you should have worked harder for it" or ...."you should not feel happy for receiving it." We have to learn how to do the mindset work in order for our mind to believe that we deserve everything the Universe sends us. As we change our belief systems and our ways of thinking....the mind does not change the same way. We have to do exercises and re-train the mind to believe everything that is changing in front of us.

So...I want to share a story with you that happened to me this past week. I am going to re-brand my business to focus on the clients that I want to serve. In this process, I am still doing my gratitude journals and setting my intentions for the day. So, I finally did the work to find out who my clients are going to be and I found my will be the entrepreneur woman who are healers or in the holistic area. The next day after getting my clarity, my shoulder started to hurt and I knew exactly what was going on. I thanked the pain and let my pain know that it was okay to show me what was going on in my mind. So, as I was becoming clear on what I want to mind was not having it. I utilized that tools that I have learned, to help me I worked on my a positive way. I used my journaling and tapping techniques that I learned. I was thankful for the pain showing up, because it was identifying what was going on inside of my mind set.

Remember...when we can see the little things and be grateful for them, we begin to learn to have a different perspective on our lives. I could have easily pushed away the pain and not thank it for showing up, but I would still have it today if I would have done that. So, what I am trying to say to you is..."be grateful for everything in your life not just the good things, but also the things that we look at as negative or bad." These are the things we have to focus on more, because it is showing us what we need to change in order to completely change our lifestyles.

So, the next time you look to be grateful for something...look at the little things that you oversee and forget about. For example the toilet in the bathroom that allows you to let go of your waste, the pillow that you put your head on at night to rest, or the plant in your home that is helping you heal. These are just a few to bring to your attention, now it is your turn to find the little things in your life that make you happy and bring you what you need.

I invite you to join my spiritual community. A safe community where I can help you with the tools you need to change your mindset practice and help you on your path and journey to a more spiritual way of living.

Check out my website for a more detailed description about the group.

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