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How do your words cause lack in your life

Have you ever listened to what comes out of your mouth... and reflect to change it? Many times we are saying things that are very limiting of what we truly want in our life. The power of words has so much meaning, especially how we say them and the energy that it gives out.

I will give you an example of the lacking words for instance when you say... “I cannot afford to buy that.” Those words are limiting beliefs and patterns. When you say… “you cannot afford something”... you are telling the Universe that you do not want it or need it. Instead of saying you cannot afford it you can say… “I will buy this at another time, because I have something else that feels more important that I want or need at this time.” You leave open the possibility of still getting it... whether it is you purchasing it at a later date or the Universe sending it to you in other ways.

Pay attention to the way you are choosing to speak. Reflect to see if you have been limiting yourself from things that you want in life. We give out mixed messages when we are not clear on what we want, because one minute you are saying you need this and that, but when you are speaking to others, you are not following that same request. Start to pay attention to what you are saying and catch yourself and when you do... correct it. When you start to correct it and change it, then you change the patterns of lack. If you want something to change, you have to pay attention to the behavior inside of your mind that causes these patterns to come out.

We are so used to saying certain things, that we do not even know that we are saying them, because it’s something that we are used to doing all the time. It’s like a toddler when they hear an adult saying inappropriate language. They will pick it up and continue to say it... not knowing if it is good or not so good. They just perceive it as something they are learning and so they will continue to say it... if they continue hearing it around them. These are patterns that come from our childhood and in order for them to change or be different from what they currently are... we have to recognize them.

Another one is…“I will never have what I want in life.” That is a limiting belief. If you focus more on the things you do want... they do come. When we can visualize and create the picture into a reality in our mind and constantly feed that to our subconscious... we are feeding it positive things. It will start to shift and you start to manifest the life that you want. When you are constantly focusing and speaking negative... then that is what you will attract more of into your life. Like attracts like. So if you want more positive people, positive changes, and positive changes... then focus your energy on what you do want and let go of thinking about the negative things you do not want.

I help people to identify these patterns and behaviors in order for them to change them. When I am working in sessions with people, I begin to point these limiting beliefs to them, so they can see them.

Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is the present moment and the time to change is now!

Start a journey of recognition and change, because change is good. It’s just how we look at the change. In order to get to the light, we have to go through the darker sides of ourselves that lives inside of us.

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