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Managing My Energy

Many of us do not even realize how thin we spread our energy because we’re overworking ourselves. I have been reflecting on this myself, because I have overworked myself since I started working at the age of 15. My dad always worked very hard and many hours of work. I remember back then… it was never enough money to pay bills, there was never enough time… he never took time for himself. I realized that in my own business, I started to create the same patterns. Working all the time and having no time to play or have fun. It was then, when I started to question exactly... what I am doing?... or why am I doing it?... then why I am constantly exhausted at the end of the day? It’s called a need for more balance.

Many of us do not know what that is or how to even identify the negative behavior because, it is a habit that you have been doing for so long. My dad taught me these habits because that is all he knew growing up. He started working at a very young age about 5 years old where he lived in Mexico. I started at a young age to create this in my own life. He always taught me to work hard to make money and that was the only way to make it.

When I started my healing journey... (this is something that I have been working hard on) to change my relationship with money, work, balance and my outlook on how to make it. I have learned that when I am in alignment with the Universal power of manifestation, it can come in so many ways... not just working. Many of us have learned these patterns and beliefs from our parents and they learned them from their parents. But you have to stop and think sometimes, are these really positive and healthy behaviors and ways of thinking? I can tell you they are not; I have done a lot of growing and understanding about my own life. The journey on the medicine wheel has opened my eyes to so many habits and patterns that I needed to work on and break in my life. It has not been the easiest, but I have been open to seeing them more easily now. The law of attraction is something that I have been learning more about, because it deals with the mind and how the mind operates.

We can create or destroy things in our lives based on the mind and the beliefs that are stored in the subconscious part of the brain. This is why it is so important to start looking at how you are thinking and believing, because you can create that into reality. When you grow up to believe something that is not necessarily true, you create a belief around it and you live life based on that belief. I created a story in my mind around how to make money, because that is what I saw and experienced growing up. I had the belief that I had to work hard and work many hours to make the money that I needed. I had to identify that this was a pattern that I learned from someone that believed this to be true and it was passed onto me. I had to realize that this was not serving me anymore and how was I going to change it now. I have been setting time to have lunch with my friends every week and doing things that I enjoy like yoga, exercise and fun. We work so hard, but we do not do anything for ourselves that make us happy because we are too busy working too many hours, we do not make time for this. It becomes very exhausting and you do not have any meaning in life... when you do this to yourself.

In order to make life have purpose, you have to incorporate play and fun in your work and in your life. Some of us do not know how to have fun or even to play, because of how we were brought up. This is also something I have been discovering more and more about myself... how to play and have fun. It feels weird and at first it feels undeserving to do this for yourself, because you haven’t done it before or you were never taught how to have fun. It can be challenging and it may feel foreign at first… but after the first few times your mind will begin to adjust... you’ll then start to get used to it.

When you are spreading your time and energy in too many places, you leak your energy everywhere. This behavior can affect your body and health, when you are so exhausted and worried all the time about not finishing something or not doing something. There will always be something to do and it never ends (the lists or the tasks), but your health and well-being does start to diminish. Sometimes it takes just that (ill health) for some to realize this and for others it just takes some reflecting on it.

Look at your life and see how you choose to work and what habits may you have, when it comes to overworking or leaking your energy in so many places. We sometimes do not even realize how exhausting it is when we are trying to please and satisfy others before ourselves. Take a moment and look at how certain behaviors need to change for you and what shifts need to be made, in order to have more pleasure and meaning in your life. I can guarantee many of you have them and have not taken a moment to even realize them.

Ask yourself... “How to do I add play and have fun in my life? What to do I do that gives me any satisfaction in my life? Write down your answers and deeply reflect on how you can change your behavior and mindset.. and add joyful purpose to your own life.

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