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Mindset Work

As I sit here watching my children play and laugh in the park, it brings so much joy and comfort to my soul. We go through life always looking for something to make us happy, but we do not realize that happiness is within each of us. The simplest things are the ones that bring us much more happiness, like spending time together and really enjoying the moment. We are always seeking and looking for something else to be that, but we do not take the moment to stop and indulge in what is happening around us. We live in the time of the clock always watching it, running from place to place, thing to thing and that does not let us live in the moment.

When we are living in the moment, the conversations we have with others make more sense. The experiences that we are engaging in bring a sense of peace, and the bonds that we create make everlasting memories. We can have both an abundant life and also the everlasting feelings of having everything. We do not have to choose one or the other, but it is about learning how to live life with both. I have been doing a lot of mindset work to help me to understand that I do not have to choose one or the other; they can co-exist in my life. I do not want to be labeled by what society says or how to live my life. I want to create my own story, my own way of living, and break all of societal rules have of how we should live and how we will receive it. I make my own reality and my own story. It all started with "un-conditioning" all of the things that have made me afraid and scared. I had to start to believe and trust that God, the Universe, has a bigger plan and I just have to listen to that plan. As we grow and expand our mentality, that is when shifts start to happen. We let go of the scarcity of being different in a society that wants us to be all the same. I want to be that individual that does things because I want to and it feels good to do so. I want to leave a legacy and teach other people that you can believe in yourself and do whatever you want.

Our mindset work has everything to do with how we live our life, because it’s our thoughts that form our reality. It’s the consistency and dedication to yourself to change what is always holding you back from being the best version of yourself. You have to want it for you and feel you deserve it. If you keep telling yourself that no one supports you, it’s because you are not supporting yourself. If you feel like someone does not love you well, it’s probably because you do not love yourself. Most likely this stems from an experience or something you have lived in your life that makes you feel these things. You have to search for the core of the inner issue, because you will never find these answers from outside of you. We have every answer within us, but we have to take the time and do mindset work to discover these truths and work through them.

It’s easy to go through life trying to blame others for how we feel, that will not get you to resolve the inner struggles. It just allows you to stay in a victim state and do nothing to change the way you feel inside. The changes do not happen overnight, but the decision does. The choice is yours of no longer living like others, no longer making excuses for yourself and no longer holding back from being who you truly are meant to be. These are the changes I am helping others to do in my spiritual community, I would love to have you part of this and make changes in your life.

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