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My Invision Work

I have been working a lot on some inner work and healing some past issues that I didn’t even know was an issue for me. I started to work with Laura Steele on what is called invisioning and she has helped me heal from somethings that I had in my subconscious mind that I did not even realize I had there. In invision work, you work on times of your life that spirit guides come in to help you or you create a goblin to help you and protect you from painful events in your life.

The first session I had with her, we worked on my inner child this was from when I was five years old at school. I was being bullied and the day of the invision, spirit had reminded me about this time frame of my life that I was going through. So, that night when we did the invision, it was about that time frame it was really hard for me, because I felt like I did not know what to do, it was happening every single day. So, in this invision, I met a man about 25-30 years old he was handsome light brown hair and tall. As I looked at him I thought to myself..."Who is this?" He was gorgeous and his name was James. James came into my life at this age, to help me to protect me from people who were not true and loving towards me. He was there to help me, so that I did not feel I was being judged by other people. It was very difficult to let go of James, I felt as though I was breaking up with my boyfriend. It was very emotional for me to see him go. I needed to let him go, because I no longer need him to help me as an adult. He was there and met his purpose for being with me in that time period of my life.

The next invision that I had, I met Emily she came into my life when I was around 13-15 years old. It was a time in my life that I was trying to figure myself out. I had met my ex-husband when I was 13 years old and he was 21 years old when we met each other. Emily came into my life to help protect me from all of these changes in my life. Emily was there to guide me through this time in my life where I felt very lonely and I was looking for help. She helped me through a time in my life where I was having difficulties of finding myself and looking outwards for the answers. I really did not get to enjoy the teenage years of my life as a normal teenager. I was having a relationship with an adult, who at the time seemed like the right person for me. I grew up quickly and was not able to experience things that I was supposed to experience at this age. In this week, I went back to this space to play and have fun with Emily. I needed to experience and remember how to play and be a teenage girl again.

My son is 13 years old, so Laura told me to really work on this healing I am going through and experience it with my son. I need to observe and pay attention to the feelings that my son is going through, so I can experience it with him in order to help me know what that looks like and feels like. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that I have been going through, with each session. It has helped me to reflect on things that I did not even realize that were affecting me. All of these experiences have affected me in some way and now it is releasing them and learning how to grow from them.

As a healer and someone who always is giving to other people, I also need healing work done for me. It was been an amazing experience working with Laura. I have learned a lot from this journey and I am excited to see what else comes up. Every day is an experience to grow and learn from our lives, so it is important that I continue to work on myself in order to keep helping other people.

I am being very vulnerable with sharing my experience, because I want to help people understand and know that we all need healing work done. We have to listen to the guidance we get when we meet people because there is always a reason for the encounters with individuals.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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