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Patience tested!

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hey loves!! I know I have been a bit disconnected from my blogs and emails but there is always a reason for everything. I have been slowing down and healing myself because this is something that Spirit was asking me to do at this time. I am still working but it has been reduced by a lot and I can tell you it is very hard to handle when you are so used to doing so much. I have to do a lot of inner work again on myself and I had to unplug in order to heal. I was doing way too much these last few months and I could feel it in my body as well. I have learned so much about myself in these past few months that I was able to take the steps that I needed to finally get to the foundation of a mystery that I always had about myself. At this time last year I had started the medicine wheel which was a year long journey of finding myself and that is exactly what I did was discovered my inner self. There was still somethings that I couldn’t explain to myself still after the journey was complete. I had pulled a lot of layers away while going through that journey but there still was missing pieces to the puzzle. I had a healing done recently that helped me to uncover the next part of my healing process that has been a huge component of my life journey. I am unable to talk fully about it now but I will be definitely sharing it with you all in my book that I am writing about my life. I started this book a while ago but I had to stop writing it and I was unsure of the reason. I now understand why it was stopped so abruptly and it was because I was not ready to subconsciously continue writing until recently. This book is all about my awakening process and my life journey; it has been very healing to write. It is also very difficult to have to remember things that may not have been so pleasant in my life also, but I know through this book I am healing and going to help open many people open their eyes to their own healing. This is going to be my focus in these next few months is to write this book and get it published this year, that is my goal. There are many shifts happening in my life that feel so vulnerable and I am just flowing with it because I know at the end I will prosper. I know that I am in a phase in my life where this healing is going to help me blossom as a person and as a teacher to help other people. Sometimes we have to unplug and do what it is needed for ourselves in order to continue to serve and help other people. I have to learn this each and every time because it is very hard for me to stop and just do my own work. It is something I have been focusing on and healing because I know it is not a healthy behavior to not do for myself more and slow down. I just feel like if I slow down there are people out there that need my help and they may not get it when they need it. These are all programmings that I am working on because they are not healthy patterns to leave myself at the end to rescue the world. As a healer I want to work and work because I want to impact as many people as I can but I have to do my own healing also. In these moments of pause I have been able to identify many things that I am now working on changing about myself. The first step is about accepting and seeing and then changing and healing them. I am an open book about my life because I want all of you to do the same with me. Being honest and real is authentic; it helps you to go deep into the healing work. If you fluff and act like everything is okay people can see that energy and know you are not being real with yourself. I want to attract and help people who want to live their authentic life and honor the real person that they are inside and out. If I do not demonstrate that myself than I cannot expect to receive that energy in return, being able to be honest and true to yourself helps you to get to a happy place in your own life. It’s truly about practicing what you preach to other people and do it within your own self and that is what I am doing. I am walking my own talk and dealing with my past in order to continue to become my ultimate version of who I am becoming. I see her and I feel her, but now it is embodying and becoming her fully.

As a gift to you from me, I want to extend my intuition course to you at a super discounted price because I value each and every one of you who has impacted my journey. You have been loyal to me and because of that I am grateful and I want to give back to all of you!! Normally this course cost $555, I am extending it to you for $147!!! Yes!!! I want you all to have this and start your journey of allowing the healing and tapping into yourself. Follow the link to purchase!!

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