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Oftentimes, we make up stories in our minds that cause us to make up perspectives of situations. What we store in our mindset from the past events or situations, start to form perspectives of events that happen in the present and future. A perspective can be perceived as good or bad, it depends on what we perceive as good or bad. When we begin to look at how we judge or perceive certain circumstances, we begin to see the stories that we tell ourselves inside of the subconscious mind.

The perceptions sometimes stops us from getting to know a person or an individual, because we start to create what we think of them based on someone else’s perception or our own. Sometimes we listen to what others experience was with that individual and it creates a story in our own mind of what they believe... instead of what we need to see for our self. We do not allow ourselves to get to experience that person’s style or outlook, because we already believe what someone else has said to us about that individual.

In order to release and let go of the perspective we have made, you have to acknowledge what is going on in your mind. The next time you make an instant perception ask yourself... “Where is this really coming from?” “Is this really true or is it a judgement I have created?” “Have I given this person a chance to show me who they truly are?” When you start to ask yourself questions you begin to see the reality of your mind and what it is creating for you. You then can make a choice... “Do I continue with this thought?” or “Do I change it to see what the situation will bring to me?” The only way we can change the mind is by bringing awareness to it. The next step is to act and change that thought into something more useful and effective. It does bring worry and fear at first, when you begin to do it... because it feels foreign to what you are used to. The action has to start somewhere and it is with you. You have to have the courage to change the negative perceptions you have created throughout your life’s journey.

When we change our perceptions we begin to change our relationships with people. We begin to open up and listen more effectively of what they are really saying. We can learn from other people when we let go of the perception we have created about them. We never know what lesson we will learn in being in a relationship with that person... whether friendship or partnership. Effective communication is listening before speaking and understanding what that person is really saying and asking them for validation, instead of making your own assumptions of what they are saying. We have to communicate better in order to have healthier relationships with the people around us.

I will be starting my Intuition Course on May 7th for 5 weeks and I welcome you all to look at it and see if it is something you would like to open up to. I am doing Facebook lives about it this week. I encourage you to join in and learn all about the course. #angelerica #intuitioncourse

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