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Removing Spirit Guides From My Energy

I have always struggled with feeling like a part of me wanted to feel loved, but something felt like I just couldn’t get close to someone. Many thoughts ran through my head of plenty of reasons why, maybe because I was hurt in the past, maybe because I just can’t receive unconditional love, or maybe I am just self-sabotaging it for myself. Whatever it was, I could never explain it. I always wanted to change the way I reacted to things, but there was something that made me feel this way I just knew it, but could never explain what it was.

I would tell my husband many times..."Something is making me hold back and I just can’t explain to you the feeling." I would scream and yell at my children. I did not like it, nor could I understand why it was happening. It was this feeling that this was not me and it was someone else causing this behavior, but I did not know nor could I explain it to someone else.

I had a reading with Jeanette Ortega and I remember her saying that I had a spirit guide in my energy that used me to get things a crossed to others. He was in my Root Chakra. So recently I started a new course with Kimberly Sherry. She learned many techniques that she brought with her, while taking courses in Peru to clear your energy and raise your vibration. In our one on one session, she went through my energy and at my Root Chakra. She also identified this spirit guide, the one that Janette had told me about previously, he was a male figure. He had been in my energy for forty six lifetimes, his energy was very manipulating in my thinking, and he was affecting my beliefs.

He was affecting the way I felt about myself and causing self judgment. The energy he gave off to me, always made me feel angry and a way of setting boundaries with other people, but in a negative way. It was causing me to feel fear of stepping into my power completely. He was protecting me and pushing my power down, causing me to hold back from speaking up on how I felt.

Kimberly also found two other spirit guides in my Heart Chakra. The first one had been with me for sixty nine lifetimes and the other for seventy one lifetimes, it just validated to me that I am a very old soul. I have lived many lives and I have brought with me all of this knowledge into this lifetime, to help me accomplish my mission. The two guides in my heart were protecting me from getting hurt by other people. They put limiting beliefs of expanding into my energy. They did not allow me to fully fall in love, because I have been hurt in the past in many past lives, so they continued protecting me in this lifetime. They caused me to have fear of my own thoughts and use that fear to protect me. They affected my beliefs on what made me feel enough.

After these guides where uplifted out of my energy, it took me a couple of weeks to feel like myself. My real self... finally after thirty years of feeling this way and never able to describe the feeling to anyone who would understand it, but now I found that person. I felt like a part of me was gone or a void within me. I had these guides with me for so long, I now began to experience a different feeling. I felt relief and sadness at the same time, because now I was free (in a sense). It has brought a lot of clarity to my life and now things are beginning to make more sense to me. I always felt like that behavior was not mine, but I could never explain to anyone what I was going through. It all now made sense and now I can share it with other people who may be experiencing the same thing.

I have been experiencing some amazing feelings lately. Spirit has sent me some amazing women to surround me and for that I am so grateful. It really hit me the other day and made me reflect. I was feeling so amazing and it felt so good. That feeling when you hear words you have always wanted to hear, but then you want to self-sabotage it as you have always done. However, this time my Ego was not in charge and I really enjoyed that feeling.

When spirit sends those individuals to you, you are not only helping them but they are helping you as well. It truly is a blessing!

I feel that, now that those individuals were uplifted out of my energy. It really allowed me to truly feel happy, for once in my life. I am now able to hear the positive from other people and it really impacts me in a way that I feel and see myself now. It’s a feeling that is indescribable and amazing, all at the same time. I am so glad that spirit put Kimberly in my path and allowed me to open up. I am so thankful to have done this course and experience her work.

I can say even though I know how to do energy work, this was a very different approach...that was amazing. I love learning new techniques to help myself. I am honored that I was able to work with Kimberly and experience this healing with her.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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