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Uncondition that S****

So many of us are looking for permission to change our lives and we don’t realize that the permission we seek... is within our hearts. My mission and purpose in life is to show people a new way of life and how to “uncondition” themselves from the beliefs that are no longer serving their hearts. The beliefs and stories recorded in our minds that play like a record programmed on repeat mode. I want to show you how to live your life to the fullest and how to live it the way that you want to live it… effortlessly.

Most of us have a vision in our minds of how that looks, but that vision seems so far in the distance. The mind takes over and the dream becomes impossible, soon the beliefs begin to rise above and shortly thereafter, self-doubt starts to creep. We look around asking… “Why do I continue my life this way?” Why? Well, it is because of what we call “conditioning”... we were raised (“conditioned”) to believe a certain way, to act a certain way, and hide who we truly are inside of us. We have to put on a mask or amour, but within your heart you’re saying… “This is not me and I don’t want this anymore. Everyone around me brings me down and criticizes everything I do and say.... How can I change that when that is all I know?”

I was once there and I asked myself... “How could I have chosen this life?” Why did I choose to go through this?” I would always ask these questions to my cousin who passed away. I would speak to her and ask her to please help me take this pain away. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time or if she could even hear my request. I remember when I would get hit and screamed at, I just wanted it all to go away... everything. I just wanted to be happy and free. I always asked myself… "Is that too much to ask for my own happiness?”

I look back now and understand why I was asking her for help, it was because I knew she was there guiding me and protecting me. My intuition told me she was listening and helping me, but in the moment I did not realize I was connected to the Spirit world. I suppressed who I was because I was afraid to speak or to say the things that were happening to me. I was “conditioned” by my families’ patterns and belief system, but I knew inside of me there had to be a better way. I always could see inside of someone and see the pain they were experiencing, but it was hard for me to understand and feel my own pain. I did not know “how”... because I was never taught “how.” My parents did not know “how” themselves, so they couldn't teach me what they never learned.

I could never understand why I went through the things I had to go through, but it all started to unravel for me when I decided I needed help to change my life. I asked and asked for help and direction (so many times). I always asked in my mind, because I knew there was something greater that existed and I could feel them around me growing up. I thought everyone knew and experienced what I was experiencing. I knew that I was brought into this world to have a bigger meaning not only in my life, but for others as well.

As a child, I always saw the soul inside of the people around me and I could only love them, because I could see the pain and suffering through their eyes. The eyes always spoke to me and they give me the story of that person. I have always been able to see through people and it was difficult for me, because I knew when people were dishonest and not telling the truth... I could see inside of them. The soul speaks and it tells the story to me without the person saying one word. I wanted to always show others the love, that I could see in each and every person that I meet and came into contact with.

Our souls are of pure light and existence, but sometimes our life circumstances make us feel that we do not deserve that love. When we are born we do not know what hate or judgement is, because we come into life with that love and compassion. It’s not until we start to begin living life with those around us (that “condition” us with their patterns and beliefs that have been passed on for many generations), that we realize that these patterns may not be healthy or positive, but they continue generation after generation, because many of us are unable to break from that pattern.

I wanted something better in my life and for my children. I always knew that mission was always there. It took me sometime to discover that it was just that... my families’ patterns are what I am choosing to break. I am choosing a new life and a new style not only for myself, but for my generations to come. I made the decision that I would no longer be those generational patterns and beliefs that the past generations have chosen to continue. I want to regrow and replant my seed into something new and positive for myself and my children. I want to show other families how to do what I was able to do.

I was able to walk away and become one with myself and I was able to rediscover who I am truly am. I can finally love who I am and feel that love inside of me. I want to show others how to get there and how to let go of those beliefs and generational destructive patterns. Many of us have felt this way for a very long time, but we are afraid to be outside of the circle of the family. The outside seems so lonely and dishonoring, but let me tell you I was scared, too. I was unsure of what would happen to me if I was away from my family, because I was never away from them.

I woke up one day and said... “I cannot and I will not, do this anymore.” I chose to make a difference in my life, because I knew in my heart that I deserved to be happy and find the bliss in life again. I left everything and everyone I loved behind, in order to discover and love myself.

Would I change that decision? No, because that was the day I found my life... the life that I had always visualized and created in my mind. I am able to live it every day now for the rest of my life. Why?... because I decided to put myself first before everyone else. I no longer allowed everyone else to make me feel guilty for my choices and decisions. I woke up to the reality that I was living and I said… “No more, no more will I allow other people to dump their s*** on me. I will not allow others to treat me like I do not mean anything and I will teach people how to respect me.” Why?... because I respect and love myself. Loving myself means standing up and not tolerating other people s*** and allow them to do what they want and treat me how they want. I had to heal my heart and the pain that was inside of me. I do not blame others, because I chose this life and I chose to live these things. They were lessons that I needed to learn. I no longer play the victim, I choose to be a role model for others and show them that no matter what... they can make a difference in their life. They can make a difference for themselves and they do not need permission from anyone else... but themselves.

As long as I am happy with my choices and decision... I am happy. I no longer need someone else to tell me what I need, because I can now connect with my soul and my being. You can too! I encourage you to start asking yourself questions, because the answers do come when you are ready to face them and change them.

I will be participating in a new hourly talk broadcast with an online blog talk radio program, this month and I am excited to share that with you all. I am also starting long term intuitive coaching and healing work, to help people see the changes they can make and experiences that they can overcome... just like I was able to.

Please visit my website for all of the details

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