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What is an empath?

Has someone ever told you, you are an empath but you still do not know what that means? An empath is a sensitive person who feels, senses, and is very emotional. The ability to sense or feel when someone is sad, mad, angry, anxious, depressed or other feelings; you can walk into a room and feel heavy energy in that space. As an empath it can be hard sometimes to watch certain movies because you get so emotional or take on whatever is going on in that movie. A person who is empath has a hard time receiving gifts because you love to give to others. Usually you are compassionate to help and make sure others are doing okay before yourself. It is hard for an empath to disconnect sometimes because they feel they need to save and help the world. Empaths often get misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety because you are not shielding yourself from energies. So let me tell you about some techniques that can help you find balance and determine what are truly your emotions and feelings and what you are picking up from other people.

Let’s talk about techniques that can help you so that you can protect yourself and still help others without draining yourself. Therefore, the first and most important technique for empaths is what we call shielding yourself. We have an outer layer around our body which is called an aura it is about 3-6 inches away from our body. By shielding yourself you are putting a protection around your space, it will allow you to sense and feel still, but now you will not allow others to take your energy away or take on their energy onto you. Have you ever felt tired after talking to a friend or family member and they are venting to you. As soon as you hang up or go away from that person you feel so exhausted and you just do not know what happened? This person used your energy to fuel them self and now left you with all this negative energy for you to dispose of for them. So the way you can put this bubble around you is you can close your eyes and imagine a purple flame or light coming up from your feet all the way up to your head and then expanding it out about 3-6 inches from your body to protect your aura as well.

Another technique to detox from negative energies is a salt bath. This bath can be with Epsom salt with lavender or sea salt in the water. You can soak in this for at least 15 minutes. You will feel like a whole new person when you come out of the bath. It is important for an empath to soak their feet or take a bath as needed when they feel like they are irritated, frustrated, or just feeling some kind of way they just cannot explain why this is. You will start to learn and know when a salt bath is needed to detox from the environment.

As an empath is it really hard to be in public places with a lot of people around you. It can get very overwhelming so it is important that you take a bath after you have been around a lot of people.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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