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Why Can I Not Show Up Sometimes?

How many of us struggle with trying to be a strong and confident person? What is holding you down and blocking you? We hold onto so many emotions that hold us back in our mind. How is your mind controlling you from changing?

We have to recreate the story in our mind that limits us and holds us in a comfortable space. It is hard to reflect and see what we do not want to see if we are not ready. We cannot be who we want to be if we do not believe what we are. We can be our biggest challenger in our own mind and we have to start to make the changes we need in our life. We have to seek other options than we are used to. There are so many methods now that are working for many like holistic ways.

I have opened up my awareness and keep asking spirit what do I need to keep me going and it is hard sometimes but I keep telling myself, see through there it’s the path you seek. I never lose faith and courage to keep trying because I believe in the process and I have seen results. There have been times when the bank account has been at $0.01 but, their I am with my faith knowing that I will be okay at the end of the day, because I have changed my mind set. If I were to see that amount 2 years ago I would be freaking out and stressing myself out. I know that God has a bigger plan for me that I cannot see right at this moment, but I do not lose faith because miracles happen every day right in front of us.

It takes the awareness to change the mindset only when we are ready to see it. We have to surround ourselves by people who support our missions and goals because they can see it too. I do several things a week to keep my mindset at a healthy place. I have a weekly call with a group of soul sisters and we call it our mastermind group. We bring our questions and help each other by supporting. We help each other with ideas and implementation so that each person can continue moving forward every week. We keep each other accountable and own what they say they were going to accomplish each week.

We also do a call once a week to manifest our desires and amplify them in a group because when we set intention in a group we can empower them with more intensity than if only one person is doing their own. We hold space for each other to dump out what is holding them back each week. We bring it in a meditation form and ask our guides to show us what is blocking us from our success. At the end we put in the positive intentions of manifestation we want for the week and chant the “OM” to intensify the energy of our creations. We have had major shifts in the amount of receiving ever since we have begun to do this. It is amazing how when you ramp the thoughts and start to create space to create them and nurture them it become real.

Take a look around your circle that supports you? Who are the people who uplift you and nurture your creations and intentions? If you do not currently have this then what do you need to do in order to attract these people? You need to create a more positive environment that will help you create your manifestation. You do not have to do things alone. A community that is spiritual and that has the same outlook that you want to have and surround yourself with those people it is important, so that you can change the way you feel.

By joining my spiritual community this is what you will get I created it for you to have a safe place to grow. This is a place where I will support your visions and purpose.

For more information or insight, please message me for an appointment.

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